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  1. [FIXED] Intel GMA HD 5700MHD

    The framebuffer is what G62 has originally been working on. Correct, G62? G62, just continue to do what you were doing originally; get the Intel HD graphics chip outputting custom resolutions!
  2. [FIXED] Intel GMA HD 5700MHD

    Pentothal is correct. The best VESA mode resolution available on my system is 1024x768. Some people who have our 5700 intel HD card are lucky enough that their system does actually have a VESA mode resolution that is equal to the actual resolution of their display, so they can get a nice and crisp full resolution even though they have no graphics card at all loaded. For us who have systems with VESA modes that only max out at resolutions like 1024x768 when our actual display resolution is, say, 1366x768, we need a graphics card loaded that can render the 1366x768 video output, otherwise we are stuck at 1024x768. Hopefully, G62 will be able to get these higher resolutions working on 5700. (Someone correct me if anything I've said is incorrect. Afterall, I'm just a noob who has been following the Intel 5700 news closely)
  3. I would also like to be able to do this
  4. Intel 5700HD (Canceled, Impossible)

    no, for me it's hp.. if they hadnt locked the bios to only allow hybrid graphics, i could have disabled intel HD and used my radeon 5650m which would work! :/
  5. Intel 5700HD (Canceled, Impossible)

    xD.. :'( I hate HP...
  6. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    :/ I think I'm getting an iMac this year anyway, so, mehh.. Would have been nice to have a functioning OSX on my HP Envy though :/
  7. Don't bother, it's just some {censored} rickrolling...
  8. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    Give it time, it lost momentum after the big fiasco last time . The momentum and enthusiasm needs to slowly build back up again
  9. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    @Rockystar I'd suggest providing regular updates of the total amount donated. This would encourage more donations if people can see how much is being donated. I'll be donating soon
  10. Ati Radeon HD 5650 on Lion 10.7 with CI/QE

    Check out the Intel HD GMA 5700 thread in the 'Hardware > Graphics > Intel' sub-section. (5700 is the Intel HD Graphics model in the Intel Arrandale CPUs. 5700 is currently unsupported, but we have recently had an optimistic engineer post in the thread, who claims he has the know-how to get it working, but DOESN'T have a laptop with that hardware with which to work on. A donation via paypal link has therefore been opened, with the goal of raising enough money to afford a cheap system with the hardware so the engineer can work on getting it to work. This won't help you with your 5650, but it will hopefully result in a working integrated HD Graphics, bringing custom resolution and graphics acceleration to your own system.
  11. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    Would it be possible for you to purchase a laptop situated in Australia so that there will be minimal mailing costs? (Alex Chin lives in Australia, right?..)
  12. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    thanks jlp at least i no longer have that feeling of 'i hope im not giving my money away to a scam' xD... (are the wounds healed yet?.. sorry...) <--- JOKE If somebody does find a quality solution, I will donate £10 to a worthwhile charity and everyone else should do the same. It's a way of doing something good for the world and having fun doing it , and helping others out too.
  13. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    if you do buy your own machine, and find a solution, and help me, I'll donate the money to a charity. What charity do you suggest? (I want to give to a charity I think is worthwhile). And I think everybody else should do the same.
  14. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    @AlexChin.. Just to be clear, you definately intend to share the solution with the people who donate, yes?
  15. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    Alex Chin, I actually had a dream last night that my old laptop had a mux I could use on my HP Envy, I woke up and had to think to myself 'Oh my god, does my old laptop have mux?! Oh, wait, it was just a dream ' Alex I am willing to trust you Don't listen to that dickhead.. Listen to us, your loyal admirers