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Problem with JaS 10.4.7


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This one has me kind of stumped. First off some background. I am attempting to load the JaS 10.4.7 release on a Compaq V5101 laptop. This is an AMD system with the infamous x200 chipset. I am able to run through the install just fine. The first boot works perfectly, then when I shut down or restart I hang at "Waiting for Root Device". I am able to boot using either -x or -f (which btw could someone tell me what the -f flag does), but just can not seem to boot without one of those flags.


I am on a single hard drive system (PATA). I have used the following patches:

AMD Kernel Patch

AMD 10.4.7 update

ATI ATA Drivers (have also tried without)


Anyone have any ideas?

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