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Rookie Building Mac


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Hi there,

I am looking to build a mac as i am a filmmaker and my Macbook cannot handle it. i am looking to build a high end mac that can work with final cut pro software. This will be a first time build and i was looking to use a mac motherboard and use EFI instead of BIOS. i am on a budget of around £500.



Sam :censored2:

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i am on a budget of around £500.


Hardly enough to buy hardware for a semi-decent hackintosh.


Perhaps you could buy hardware similar to mine (see my sig), if you can still find it.


Quite fast and compatible, BTW.


Edit. £500 is about $820. If you can order your parts from the USA, you could build this: http://lifehacker.com/#!5672051/how-to...ight-easy-steps


Edit 2. You could also buy second hand, if you can spare some extra cash:



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