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Modify your own Install CD?


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Hi Friends,


i wanna make my own install cd, where i have all drivers included. that seems not the problem, to make a dmg readwrite. and i have also prepared a fully working disks with new packages for me. but my main reason to prepare a configured install cd is the driver support for sata during the install.


so i tried to use my extensions.mkext from my system folder, but it is allready a 10.4.7 extension bundle, so i think i cant work with the installer... because it seems that it has 10.4.4 frameworks.

it seems to work, and i can see my sata controller will be loaded, but later the message *ram disk error* comes up and system will not load anymore.


so i cant use my compiled extension bundle i think.



ok but how we can integrated a external kext file in the installation routine? is there a way to modify the extensions.kext? or can i load a kext file like appleviaata.kext?


when its not possible i think we have only the way, that we install a blank 10.4.4 system and use that exentions.mkext file with our loaded and modifided kexts.



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