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Dell D620: Wifi on 10.6.0 works, but it does not on 10.6.6 or 10.6.7


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Hi Guys,


I have a Dell D620 with a wifi card DW 1395. I had used the D620SLV1.iso to create this hackintosh and I have the following issue:


1.- after installing the SL 10.6.0, wifi works, but NOT the ethernet card.


2.- after executing the post_install script from D620SLV1.iso, the ethernet card works, and the hackintosh boots up without the start CD. ( so, The D620SLV1.iso installs the ethernet drivers, or kext)


3.- When I upgrade the hackintosh to SL 10.6.6 or 10.6.7, the airport is not longer working. (Turn airport on does not work)


I reinstall the 10.6.0, and I want to ask you, how to save the current wifi's kext, them upgrade the SL to 10.6.7 and restore the working wifi's kext.


Thanks in advance.



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I know this is stale dated but I had a really hard time finding the solution so I'll post my expereience.



Dell D620 with nvidia 110m video and Broadcom Dell 1390 wifi card.


Installation of 10.6.0 using D620SLV1.iso and ran postinstall... perfect and easy.



Here's the hard part that I still haven't solved fully... Upgrade to 10.6.8 => wifi breaks; can't fix.


Upgrade to 10.6.6 => wifi breaks; fix by rerunning the postinstall from the d620SLV1.iso and then copying the original IO80211Family.kext from the 10.6.0 installation into the \library\extensions  directory


run kext wizard and clean cache/file permissions


seems to run now


i've spent 2 days trying to get 10.6.8 running but i'm going to give up on that... APPARENTLY, that version may have also changed PCI power savings or somethnig to break wifi in more ways than 1.

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