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[Help] Rampage Extreme iii


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Hi guys. I some what new to this and was wondering what kexts I need to get my motherboard working. It, as stated in the title, is a Asus Rampage Extreme iii. I already have Lion installed. This brings me to my next question. For some reason every time I want to boot my Lion disk up I have to plug it into a real Mac and set FakeSMC.kext's permissions again using "chown -R 0:0 /Volumes...." then "chmod -R 777 /Volumes..." How would I fix that? Also what bootloaders can I use with Lion and how would I install them. My last question is how would I get my video card working? I have ATI Radeon 5830 so what kexts would I need for that?



How would I use this for my Video Card? Some one got their 5830 working with Zonalis or what ever.


Thanks for the help



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