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cannot even boot to Darwin


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Ok, so I've installed OSx86 plenty of times, but they have all been through VMware. I've only been able to get an OSx86 DVD to boot into Darwin once, and it gave me the restart screen that everyone has issues with. that was the first time i ever tried it, then i just decided to use VMware, as i coudl follow along with the instructions. Now, the VMware method takes a LONG time to install, so I decided a couple of days ago to try and use a DVD (MacOSX_10.4.6DVDPATCHED_Myz) and it gives me a error something like this: "Could Not find config file /com.apple.boot.plist"

I find it soo odd because I use that same image in VMware to install OSx86 all the time. I burned the dvd at 4x, slowest it goes, and it still won't work. this is even before Darwin has a chance to come up. its funny, cause that file has to be on the DVD somewhere. should I maybe use vmware to format the partition and add a boot file to the root directory?

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