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Disk Imaging - What App to use?


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Hi All,


A question to those out there in Hackintosh world:


Is there ONE imaging app can create an image of my entire hard drive? (youre probably thinking "you fool of course there is")


So there is a catch.....


Can it accurately image the following partitions in one image file for later restoration?


1. Chameleon Bootable Partition.


2. Hackintosh (HFS)


3. Windows (NTFS)


(without the usual command-line editing to make partition(s) bootable with some of the osx-based partition apps)


What I'm looking for is, in the possible event of a distaster, I can image my entire hdd into one (huge) image - and then restore this image back to the hard drive with all ntfs/hfs partitions intact and as they were originally.


If possible, I didn't want to use different imaging apps (eg some people use Acronis for Windows partitions and then CCC for OSX partitions).



Is there an "all in one" imaging app that can fully snapshot all Windows + OSX + Chameleon Partitions on my hard drive?? (and so they boot without post command-line intervention)


Thanks in Advance :)

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Go for Norton Ghost 2010 or 2011 it can Image the individual partitions. I have been fors last 7 years now.


Thanks Stealth, I was thinking of Norton Ghost to be honest.


Just to confirm... can it image the HFS partitions (and Chameleon partitions)?

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