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  1. Hey All, WOW! This thread is still going strong (haven't checked back since April 2011). As you can see by my signature, I have a fully working 10.6.7 SL. My DSDT is 100% (injected gfx also). Just need to upgrade to lion 10.7.3 To save 64 pages of reading, can anyone please direct me to the best method? (I currently have retail lion on usb)
  2. Oh cool! Im relatively new to the hackintosh game, so this is my first "update" Ive renamed it to "taptun1068_kernel" and put alongside my other taptun kernels on my Mac Partition. Im guessing I just need to modify the com.apple.Boot.plist on my cham partition to point to the new taptun1068_kernel? ie <string>taptun1068_kernel</string> And reboot. Once again, thanks very much Taptun! Been waiting for your release very patiently
  3. Thanks Taptun - You're a Legend! I'll download it right now! Is there anything special we need to do with this? (Im currently using currently using the Taptun1067_Kernel in my chameleon bootup partition) Thanks again
  4. Im currently using the Taptun1067_Kernel in my chameleon bootup partition. (Ive held off on updating to 10.6.8) So to understand this thread... are we waiting on these guys to give us the new 10.6.8 Kernel?
  5. Hey All, Mammoth and co. thanks muchly for all your hard work getting these guides/info out! It's paid off beautifully with my new "Hackbook" I think my DSDT is working great with my hardware, I'll test a little more to confirm but I'll upload very soon Quick question: I purchased 4104A-AR5BXB92 wifi card from ebay. Installed in place of my Intel Wifi5100 under the hard drive and connected the 2 cables to the new wifi card. I got it to connect under snow leopard (I had to enter BIOS and "exit saving changes" for it to work). However, I'm wondering if anyone has this working under Windows7? (or do i need to run both Wifi cards to work under both OS's respectively?) Win7 Ultimate detects the device as " "Atheros AR5009 802.11a/g/n WiFi Adapter" Date: 09/06/2009 ver. - just doesnt show any available connections under Win7 only. Anyone have any ideas why it doesnt show any router connections under windows7? Or is that not to be expected? thanks in advance!! PS - Router is used by 3 other pc's in the house (including my osX partition) so I'm ruling out the router
  6. @anyone Here is my clean dsdt from ubuntu. 1. Wondering if there are any experts who can help me get started on patching? 2. Ran 1067 update and "Enable Audio Script" (before restart) - However my audio still isn't working in OSX. Is this because I was using a MIIF without a DSDT? (Used Dvx MIIF as my machine isn't supported yet) Thanks for any help in advance guys dv6_2000tx_VW492PA_InsydeF.1Dhack_clean_ubuntu_dsdt.zip
  7. Hi Mammoth/All, I've now installed OSX on my Dv6-2000tx and updated to 10.6.7 with Taptuns Kernel successfully. Not 100% tested, but seems as though sound and LAN work. 1. I'm at the DSDT stage and wondering if it is "worth" me trying a pre-existing DSDT with my hardware? (please see my signature for specs). Or 2. Should I create my clean DSDT within ubuntu and post for Maldon/Nixon to patch when they get the time? Still a bit Noobish at all this, but thought I'd seek guidence as to what the experts think I should do next considering my hardware specs etc. PS - To Mammoth; totally appreciate everything you've put into this thread and your other compadres - really is a fantastic thread as I'm sure everyone would agree! Thanks mate!
  8. Hi DGRX, Firstly... thanks for your input. I did try what you suggested (and yes there was 120meg of unallocated space for some reason above my WINDOWS7 partition). It didnt work but got me on the right track. Mammoth, thanks for your help also. I did see the updated guides - but also to no success... HOWEVER... I randomly thought I'd pull one of my mem sticks out the laptop. (2 x 2gig sticks). PRESTO, it installed!!! It would ONLY install with one 2gig mem stick in the top slot. Very weird. But everything is all good now. And fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate is on my machine now. So if anyone is having headaches installing a fresh Win7 on their DVx laptop (ie BSOD), please try the above (amongst other tests of course). It could save you 3 days of pain it caused me!! Now.. onto that next Mammoth guide...
  9. Hi Peeps, For couple of days I've been trying to install Windows7 Ultimate (x86 and x64) on the WINDOWS7 partition as per Mammoths awesome guides. Setup gets to 33% and presents me with either: 1. Blue Screen of Death (summary below) NTFS.sys PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (with the rest of the usual text and STOP errors/addresses etc) OR 2. In the setup GUI it says "Windows cannot install required files" Make sure all files required are available, and restart installation. Error code: 0x80070570 Background info: I've tried my own Win7 Ultimate 32bit and my mates Win32/64bit from his DVD. Ive also tried both as a bootable USB install (and all of the above in safemode also). I imaged up my entire hard drive with Acronis recently, and successfully restored all SYSTEM/RECOVERY/WINDOWS partitions from the image, so I know hardware is ok. During Win7 setup, it sees the WINDOWS7 partion as number 4. I'm desperately trying to avoid not wiping my Mac OS at this point because it's stable, but I really want to install a clean Win7 OS from scratch. My next option is to completely restore my original HP partitions again (but this will overwrite my existing Chameleon/MacOSX as its a complete disk backup). Sorry for long-winded post and if I've overlooked something here, but thought I'd provide as much info as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. Hey dgrx, thats great news with your hackintosh. Seems as though you have a stable system! It gives us all "hope" Quick question: I updated my BIOS via HP website to Insyde vF.1D - and just wondering: 1. Are you using a "hack" of this BIOS to get your WiFi working with your hackintosh? Or is it the official sp50586 vF.1D download from HP? 2. Just to confirm, your bought the Atheros AR9280 AR5BXB92 card Thanks mate in advance
  11. Disk Imaging - What App to use?

    Thanks Stealth, I was thinking of Norton Ghost to be honest. Just to confirm... can it image the HFS partitions (and Chameleon partitions)?
  12. Thanks Mammoth, I'll find out exactly what my lancard is. I dont have win7 on my dv6 at the moment so ill have to restore from an backed-up image to get this info (unless there is another way to interogate through OSX?). For your info though: Taptun posted a DSDT on another forum which I used under a previous working hackintosh installation and my lancard worked with this. Im still noobish with DSDTs (not up to that section in your guides) but if posting taptun's DSDT would help - then i can attach it to another post?
  13. Hi All, A question to those out there in Hackintosh world: Is there ONE imaging app can create an image of my entire hard drive? (youre probably thinking "you fool of course there is") So there is a catch..... Can it accurately image the following partitions in one image file for later restoration? 1. Chameleon Bootable Partition. 2. Hackintosh (HFS) 3. Windows (NTFS) (without the usual command-line editing to make partition(s) bootable with some of the osx-based partition apps) What I'm looking for is, in the possible event of a distaster, I can image my entire hdd into one (huge) image - and then restore this image back to the hard drive with all ntfs/hfs partitions intact and as they were originally. If possible, I didn't want to use different imaging apps (eg some people use Acronis for Windows partitions and then CCC for OSX partitions). Is there an "all in one" imaging app that can fully snapshot all Windows + OSX + Chameleon Partitions on my hard drive?? (and so they boot without post command-line intervention) Thanks in Advance
  14. Hi Mammoth, Firstly, awesome thread. Really appreciate yours and the other guys time into making OSX work on our HP DVx machines. Past few days I've been going through the new v2.01 guides from scratch and have successfully updated to 10.6.7! So thank you! Im now Part 5 of your guides "Customizing Guide" and have hit a wall. Question to anyone that can help is: 10.6.7 is on the machine all working but with no lan support. I ran "pfix" and "repair disk permissions" on my Macintosh HD drive then rebooted (with lan cable connected) But when in Networking it doesnt show my network card. Anyone know if there is a fix? Could it be the version of pfix or something else that could be an issue? Thanks in advance