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[SOLVED] Need some help after many try - Leopard on Toshiba


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Hi to all!


So after gathering many info i tried to install iATKOs v7 on my Toshiba satellite L40:

Intel dualCore T

Hd Toshiba SATA

chipset Intel GML GL960

Video GMX3100

Audio ALC660

Wired Network Realtek 8139

Wireless Network Realtek 8187B


I created a partition in Windows vista of about 22Gb and let it in RAW.


After starting from iATKOS DVD i went to Utilityes --> DiskManagment and select the partition just created, choose Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) and click Erase.


Than back to menu And in customize i add the option:


Kernel 9.7.0 Vodoo


APIC x86

dSDT patch

Laptop Battery

decrypt appledecrypt

Vga Intel GMAX3100

Network Realtek 8139

Network Realtek 8187B USB


And install

On reboot i had:


Boot0: testing

Boot0: testing

Boot0: testing

Boot0: error


And freeze here.

So i use Windows vista DVD to' repair and than after reboot start directly on Vista OS.


Than i start over using iPC 10.5.6 Final PP5 DVD, same customize option, maybe with PS2/driver for keyboard.

After installing, at reboot it gave me this:


"Please contact the Vodoo kernel dev-team....... (And other things)

panic (cpu 0 caller 0x00.....): kernel trap at 0x00...."


And a page of number


"Debugger called <panic>

Backtrace (CPU0) Frame: return address 4 potential arg"

And Than numbers


And below


"No mapping exist for frame pointer

Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0xb....,"


So i forcely reboot and start vista, download EasyBCD and try something but the result is that at booting i have Windows boot manager and the choice of.. Vista only..


So i start over with iATKOS v7 and same option and same panic screen.


But when i reboot i see for while, before Windows boot manager screen:


Booot ..something

Boot.. something


But i cant see it very well, im not sure, its too fast.. i have to remove this dman windows boot manager first of all and.. restart from beginning..


Maybe i choose wronge distros? i have to try Kalyway? Or Snowosx Universal?


Anyone please can Help me?




Thanks in advance




EDIT: Problem was that partition i created for OSX was Logical and not Primary. Now it works.

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So Leopard start only if i boot with DVD in.. I tried some guide lime install boot from osx86 folla but i have boot0:mbr boot0: done boot1:error..

I tried activate pattuirono where Mac is from diskutil and i tried otre things, like dd if boot etc but it gave me use/standalone/i386 not find such directory.. Now i cant' start Mac os neither with DVD in..

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