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My hack is not booting without arch=i386


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Hey guys,


So I got my osx86 up and running with the computer in my configuration. QE/CI is also enabled and working and graphics is smooth.


However, I am unable to boot w/o arch=i386 specified as an option. While I realize that using a 64 bit kernel might not give me any noticeable advantage, but I want to figure this out purely as an academic effort.


My kextstat extract:



What I have in my /E/E:


(I have a PS/2 Cherry Blue Mechanical keyboard)


I have also installed ATY_Init.kext (from here) in /S/L/E and the 10.6.6 QE/CI patch (from here.)


What could be preventing my hack from working perfectly without arch=i386?


Eagerly waiting to fix this :(

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Isn't AppleVIAATA.kext 32-bit only? Don't know if that has anything to do with your issue.


Try SuperVIAATA.kext instead (google for it).


I also thought it was 32 bit only! However, I have managed to solve the issue by booting the hack once with "-x"


That booted up the system in 'Safe Mode' but in x86_64!


I simply restarted and the 64 bit kernel started working.


I also got rid of ATY_Init and am now using the ATI kexts which came in the 2011 MBP!


QE/CI working flawlessly.

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