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Keynote is officially borked.

Adrian Fogge

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Finally got around to trying to use Keynote on my Leopard installation to find out that I can not do anything.


I can "create" a new document and then... nothing.


Can't use themes, cant create text boxes, cant create new slides, cant drag anything to keynote.


Did not work before or after the 3.0.1v2 Update.


If you use an existing document, then everything appears to work though.



After further testing, it would appear that after one opens an existing document through Keynote, under Leopard, one can then create new documents with no trouble whatsoever. 

I have tested this under a Powerbook G4 17" HR and an Mac Mini CoreDuo both under Leopard and both appear to function the same way. 

Dead Keynote at first, then fully operational Keynote after opening a pre-existing document.

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