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G4 Dual boot water pumper


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Been meaning to build a dual boot machine for a long time now and finally got around to it after getting rid of the old Coolermaster case my Windows 7 machine was in.

Same general layout as the "Black Ops" machine I built a while ago.. here but this time with an Asus P5KPL-AM EPU and a 2.66 Q6700 Quad Core CPU an Nvidia 8800GT graphics card 4GB DDR2 RAM and the Zalman Reserator water cooling kit that was on the old Windows machine.

As it's a dual booter with Win 7 which I use for games I wanted front audio (which in the end I don't use as I plug headphones into a jack in the desktop speaker volume controls) and front USB and I also wanted a slot loading DVD drive, so I modded the front panel to accept the slot loader and an old audio and USB connector set from another old case.

An old Apple IDE Superdrive turned up on Ebay for £14, slow but does the job.

Here's the front panel being modded for the slot loading DVD..



I mounted the DVD inside a gutted old full sized DVD chassis. Just took all the gubbins out and trimmed away some of the black plastic inner so the drive would fit in and then secured it with a few blobs of silicone sealant..



And the audio USB panel being modded too..

p2130021m.th.jpg p2160024y.th.jpg


I mounted two hard drives, one a 1TB and the other a 500GB in an old G5 drive cage I had left over from a previous G5 build..



All fitted and plumbed in..

dsc2982r.th.jpg dsc2981h.th.jpg


And finally finished off with the side panels re-polished and the inner panels and Apple logos painted satin black..

p2240042.th.jpg p2240043.th.jpg p2240044.th.jpg p2240045.th.jpg p2240048.th.jpg


Purchased retail OS X loaded with Tonymac method and DSDT created with autoDSDTpatcher. Sleep works fine except that the ethernet connection won't recover after sleep.

Temperatures are reasonable but not super cool but apart from that all is good.



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