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Visual artifacts caused by mouse pointer

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I have a Thinkpad T60p with an ATI FireGL V5200.


I've managed to get XE/CI working by editing the device ID in the X1000 kext, but now I'm getting various redraw artifacts seeming caused by the mouse pointer. (Little boxes where the pointer used to be showing either the background image or some previous screen content etc.)


I've read in various topics people complaining about "mouse tearing". Is this related to that? If not did someone else encounter this? Is there a solution?


Technical details:

JaS 10.4.7

Removed all ATI drivers except for the X1000 ones.

Edited the device ID in the ATIRadeonX1000.kext.


I did NOT modify settings in other kexts because when I installed previouly a patch someone compiled based on the Boris method I ended up having to reinstall everything as all I got after a reboot was black screen (after the grey one with the apple logo). Based on some forum posts I suspect this is related to the "<string>display</string>" change...


I would appreciate any suggestions.




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