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SL freeze & DSDT auto-patch help

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Hi there, i would post this in original thread


but since i'm new user i will post here. I've been searching this forum and few others for my particular problem but can't seem to find a solution. I have Snow Leopard installed on my PC from iAtkos s3 v2 distro (with some ata/sata patch added in .iso cause i had that "waiting for root device" problem).

Problem is random freezing of OS. And it really is random! Sometimes it works flawless for 5-6 hours and sometimes 15 mins. I think i just need to edit my dsdt to solve this but i'm not sure what is causing this freezes.


My hardware is:


Intel E6750 Core2Duo 2.66

4gb RAM 677Mhz

MSI GeForce GTS 450 1gb DDR3

WD HDD 160gb


All of my hardware is recognized in System Profiler.

I have also downloaded run_me app and i will attach send_me.zip here.


If anyone had same problem or knows how to fix it it would be much appreciated.


Regards sp.


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Thank u MaLd0n. I appreciate all your work on this forum. I have installed dsdt and have been searching more on this notorious "Fermi Freeze" issue. Will update this post if i find something useful.



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