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Finally i have a successful boot! :)


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Hi everyone. after loads of trial and error and a little bit of luck, i finally managed to get OSX installed and working on my crappy old hardware. now i have a working OS i was wondering if someone could explain how to get things like the ethernet port working? i understand i need the drivers or whatever but how do i know which one and how do i install it? the same goes for my audio and a couple of other things that im not so fussed about, but i may aswel have a go at fixing them once i understand the process.


one thing that really bugs me is that some things like the search bars in OSX are divided into two separate sections. what causes this and how can i fix it? pic of what im on about...






if required...

pentium 4 CPU

Gigabyte GA- 8IPE 1000 pro MOBO (ethernet / Audio built in)

Asus Radeon A9200SE/T 128MB Video Card



Thanks in advance for any help.


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