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After installing 10.5 Constatation


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After have burn the dvd without xcode, I have booted with the dvd without problem and install 10.5 on the partition where was xp :-), after to have formated them with disk utility from the dvd installation.


What I have seen :


- No iphoto on the preview dvd.

- My new apple mouse wireless work much more better than in 10.4(right and left click) but scroling doesn't   work at all.

- Time machine work great, it's a good app. (on my macmini dual 1,66 the 3D interface is slowly)

- Space is good too.

- Some minor amelioration in Mail

- Ichat has connected only one times on my jabber account, after impossible to connect again


It's a quick overview I made, probably there is other better things, but I don't believe that all of this have to be a major update! But it's only a beta..... Wait and see....

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