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  1. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hi all, I am looking for the correct German keyboard layout for the nc10 running osx. I know there is a nearly perfect one but i cannot find it. Thanks in advance, it would be very nice if someone could post it for me. Regards
  2. About SMboard profuct number

    Yes, I have already changed the CPU. Update the firmware of the macmini1,1 to 2,1. (Mac-F4208EC8 to Mac-F4208EAA) I would like to know if it is possible to change the SMboardproduct number from a macmini1,1 to the one from the macmini2,1 and to really have a native Lion installation. To be clear, I do not speak about the SN, this can be change by software means.... It's not the case if you only change the CPU and upgrade the firmware. I would like to know if this board product number in osx comes from the bios or if it directly comes from the board chip itself. I mean, where IOregistryexplorer takes this information from... If this is from the efi chip (bios), one could be desolder the chip and reprogram it with a tweaked dump... Just the check from Lion installer on the SMboardproduct number avoid to have a native installation.
  3. Hello, Could someone skilled explain me where the SMboard number comes from in a real Mac computer. I mean, does the applesmbios.kext take this out the efi (bios) or it is read directly on a chip on the motheboard? If from efi, is this encrypted in efi bios ? Thanks in advance EDIT : Smbios parser report this in raw output : Apple Inc..Mac.F4208EC 8.PVT.1base.Board.Asset.Tag.part.Component Does the "base.Board.Asset.Tag.part.Component" means that it is readed directly from the chip board itself ??? Thanks
  4. smbios dumper and matching dmidecode

    I would like to have dmidecode working because I want to use it with flashrom. I do not have a /dev/mem directory but I have an alias named dev in / When I go there on the terminal, there is no mem directory Could it be the problem ??
  5. smbios dumper and matching dmidecode

    Hi, I try this from the terminal on real mac. The terminal output : # dmidecode 2.9 /dev/mem: No such file or directory How can I get it to work. I am on 10.6.6 Thanks very much
  6. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I check in IORegistryExplorer. The entire ioreg ist almos 1 Mega... I uploaded only a screenshot. I will try the VoodooUSBEHCI and others things in Chameleon 2 RC that could allow the usb/sleep work this evening. UPDATE : Thanks to all and thanks to teateam. My sleep problem seems to be solved with the VoodooUSBEHCI Kext. See you in new forum!
  7. DSDT Patcher pour BIOS et AML

    Bonjour, Je suis un peu confus avec le dump de dsdt. A partir de quel os peut on faire ce dump, j'ai lu qu'il ne fallait pas faire le dump sous un osx modifié. Puis je alors faire le dump d'xp et l'utiliser dans osx pour le modifier ? Quelqu'un peut-il me donner la marche à suivre pour avoir le fichier dump de mon propre ordinateur ? Merci
  8. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I am not sure if it comes from 10.5.7 because I changed to umts model and update to 10.5.7 at the same time.... I am sure I didnt damage the powermanagement or installed other things becasue as I said, I clonned my hard drive in another nc10 without 3G and all worked perfectly. Exactly the same system (clonned with the apple disk utility) but on different hardware, at least different because of internal 3G modul. Please could owner from nc10 3G (with install mysticus.iso updated to 10.5.7) control and confirm if the sleep, wake up (fn + esc) works ??? Later evening, if I have no other nc10 3G users confirmation, I will open my nc10, disconnect the 3G modul and see if there is difference... Thanks in advance.
  9. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Always with my sleep/wake up problem!!!! I have clonned my system and have restore it on a friend nc10 (without umts,hsdpa modul), the slep/wake up works very good. It means that there is somewhere a difference between nc10 with and without hsdpa modul.(mysticus.iso 10.5.6 followed by 10.5.7 update) With nc10 umts, it is almost impossible to wake up the computer after a sleep. What could be the fix for this? dstd ?? Advices are welcome
  10. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I removed AppleLPC.kext, I thought all was ok because sleep/wake up worked 2 times. After the 2 "good times", the problem came back to the start point..... I read about dstd, could be this the problem on a samsung hsdpa with mysticus.iso ??
  11. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    It is all I remember..... I will delete voodopower and try to find the original powermanagment and reinstall it hoping it will work. If not, I will probably have to do a fresch install :-( I've also update my bios to 07CAD0 but I cannot see anychange in my mac osx. Nativ brightness keys still doesnt work. I read somewhere that "with the effi" method, dsdt file is different if you have a nc10 with hsdpa or not. I have one with hsdpa. Could it be the problem? Is this also important with the mysticus.iso install cd ?? @Mysticus or someone else, Could you please upload somewhere your extention folder. As last try before doing a fresh install, I would like to replace my extentions by a fully working set of extention. Normally it should work like this! Thanks
  12. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I start from 10.5.6 mysticus.iso and update to 10.5.7 I only add voodoohda, voodoops2controller, voodoopower. I remove voodoohda and voodoopower but it didnt change anything. I do not know what to try... Still need qs to set brighness on 04CA even if set manually in bios. Under ubuntu 9.0.4 brightness adjustement works perfectly as it should... So, if it work on ubuntu, I assume that would be also possible on osx...
  13. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I changed back with original bootloader but wake up still not work. Yes; I have mysticus.iso installed. What is dsdt patch ? Also, I just updated my nc10 with an original samsung internal umts modul, I do not know if it can cause the problem. Bios version 04CA
  14. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Just for information, I come back to my wake up problem under 10.5.7. I tryed with another boot loader and it is always the same... May be an extention...
  15. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Thanks for reply. I found it yesterday but forum was down, impossible to edit my post ! I edited the appleyukon2 and now my mac adress is corrected reported by the system. Concerning the sleep issue, I do not know if it comes from chameleon 2 rc or the update because I have done the 2 news things almost together, but I am sure it worked very well before. I will install one of your boot image to delete the chameleon bootloader and will see if the sleep mod work. I will also do a donation.