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How to use DVD-RAM / DVD+RW as Read/Writeable Volume?

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Hi There,


i want to use dvd+rw and dvd-ram disks as read and writable volumes, like i used to under windows with inCD from Nero. But when i insert a dvd+rw i can erase it with the disk-utility, but i cant mount it then and use it as rw volume, either with dvd-ram disk.

But i'm sure, that mac os can handle this and read/write such disks without any additional tools/drivers. Any suggetions?



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When i insert a dvd-ram disk an want to erase it with HFS+ (non journaled), i get an "invalid argument" error while erasing that disk :D

When i erase and dvd+rw its erase, but i cant write to it. Maybe i have to format that dvd-ram in windows to udf and try it again. But i've read, that for udf to write i need an extra driver and the driver costs 80$...

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I´m also searching for an alternative UDF driver for OS X. The only one that is mentioned here is from http://www.softarch.com/


80$ for a driver ??? No really. I already searched the usual sources. I can´t find a copy of it...


Does have Darwin a working UDF driver ? ( Can´t find any information about ist... ) If yes, it would be rather simple to compile it for OS X...



Why does OS X have no UDF support ? Will Leopard have it ?



And you simple don=t use FAT & HFS on a DVD-RAM !! That is nonsense.


So, does anyone have a working UDF driver for OS X ?

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