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OS X 10.4.6 Installation Problems


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Please help me, someone. I want to install mac in my laptop. I have tried... basically i have no fundas. my friends helped me. First, i created a logical partition, installed mac on it and then converted it into a primary partition. then when i rebooted, only windows came again. so i modified some file to include 10 seconds timeout for the bootloader. Then I got an option screen from which i could select mac. But it started, but keeps staying on the screen "Starting OS X" for ever. WHAT SHOULD I DO ?


My laptop configuration is as follows :


Intel Centrino Core Duo 1.66 GHz


Integrated 10/100 Ethernet

Internal 56k Modem

80 GB 5400rpm SATA HDD

DVD RAM +/- RW Dual Layer Drive

Optical USB Mouse

15.1" TFT Widescreen display


Primary Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

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Uh, how about you spend time like all of us and research the problem??? I know it took me 10hrs of work to get my laptop to install properly!! :)


The fact you don't even realize you should list the model an maker of your laptop (as well as the chipsets for all the functionality built-in) indicates you likely are not very technical and should probably think carefully about even attempting this tricky maneuver.


Anyway, here, start reading:





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During installation, right before clicking the Install button, you must first click the Customize button and select packages for your computer. Click the little arrows in front of the items to reveal the individual packages. Be sure to install Intel packages, not AMD. Be sure to install SSE3 only, not both SSE2 and SSE3.

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