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  1. Thanks for taking time to write this up. I have similar system, but getting install fail. Don't see the CPUS=1 fix in the options either. Also, what about the RTC option?
  2. Guys, the drivers are "what you get is what you're gonna get" As has been posted in this thread, Eugene has stopped developing the driver. It sounded like he *might* work on the 64bit version in Snow Leopard, but until then this is all we are going to get. Oxtie, perhaps you could please add to the First Post this info from Eugene's post that he has stopped development of the drivers for Audigy etc cards?
  3. Oh that's too bad. Does this mean he will fix the hibernation before retiring or he is done now and enjoy what we got?
  4. All-new InsanelyMac website

    why do you guys keep replying with this +1 ++ etc stuff. If it is meant to be funny it's not.
  5. Eight-Core Xeon Out Next Month

    With a thread title like that, eventually you will be right
  6. Wow, next ver of Chameleon implemented this http://chameleon .osx86 . hu/articles/more-new-features-added-to-next-chameleon-version-part-2 EFI system partition booting support. This is the method what Munky and Turbo introduced first. You can put your boot loader along with all /Extra stuff to this partition then can safely boot your untouched vanilla install. We have a new experimental FAT32 filesystem support with long file names.
  7. All-new InsanelyMac website

    The new design is nice, but I could care less about looks, it's speed. And the site is MUCH slower than before (and before it was pretty atrocious already). Seriously, this post just took ~45 seconds to appear... It's so bad, I open new pages in new tabs so they load in the background and I do something else. Another example, clicked link for Control Panel Board Settings and it took 30 seconds to render. cmon guys, you make good $$ here, get some decent servers...
  8. Try the MSI Wind OSX86 forums This is an OS X issue, not OSx86. Check your preferences and try googling for how to do what you want... it's not an install problem.
  9. PCWiz really did an amazing job with his release. Kalyway and these other ancients ones need to be archived and stored away.
  10. Please mods, close this ancient thread and start a new one
  11. Creative Open-Sources Their X-Fi Driver

    Somehow I think it won't be for a long time. Save yourself some energy and buy an Audigy 2 card
  12. Thanks for the offer of assistance. I was more just reporting the issue rather than trying to fix it. I actually never sleep my computer, heck I don't even turn it off normally
  13. In Kalyway I never tried to sleep my computer.... so not sure if there was a problem or not.
  14. Probably nothing, just bug fixes and tweaks by apple. I just upgraded because: 1) I wanted to try the new distro from PcWiz 2) My 10.5.3 kalyway was getting long in the tooth 3) I find re-installing from a distro that already has the latest update installed easier, more reliable, and MUCH less stressful than upgrading.
  15. Just report back that on iPC distro, after sleeping the computer, the KX driver stops working. Have to reboot to get sound again.