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Add 8GB memory = black screen after boot


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I had 3GB memory in my Vostro 3500 and decided to max it out. So I went to Crucial, got 2 sticks of 4gb that they say is compatible, installed it and.......

After getting to the desktop for a couple of seconds all goes black (fans still running).

The memory works from a Linux pendrive boot but not OSX.

I tried setting maxmem=4096 just to see if it could stay stable after boot, but got the same results. Just filling one of the dual channel slots with 4gb gives the same results too.

Any ideas anyone?



More details:

Obviously with 8GB Ram I want to run the 64-bit Kernel. Here's the deal - 64-bit Kernel the above symptoms happen every time. However, if I use arch=i386 the desktop loads and stays stable, BUT brightness is always on max (this is handled by device-property string plus DSDT edit normally and in all other circumstances works fine in 64 or 32 bit mode with 3GB) AND battery is not recognised (I am using AppleACPIBatterymanager.kext which works perfectly in 32 and 64 bit mode with 3GB).


Okay, so this has got me beaten for the moment.


Help anyone?

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