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HP Elitebook 8530p 10.6.6 - Objective - Full QE/CI Swap Gfx Card


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Ive been looking around on guide to get full QE/CI for the 8530p.. Just as i had started to give up and go buy myself a macbook pro i had a brilliant idea! i can't find anything on the mobility 3650 but i did find stuff on the 9600M card from nVidia. This got me thinking... i wonder if you can upgrade your laptop's graphics card.


So i started digging... Come to find out the 8530p has a removable graphics card.. mine had the ATI Radeon HD 3650 Mobility card in it...


I took all of the screws out and popped the top off along with the keyboard. Once i got the keyboard off. The {censored} of a graphics card was staring me right in the face..




4 screws and the little guy was out.





I ordered this card from ebay for $130 shipped...




I will also be attempting to switch the wireless card out for something thats compatible. Heres the wireless card..





The graphics card is coming from California so i should have it sometime next week.. Ill slap it in and edit this thread when i've gotten further..


Stay tuned..

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If you manage to replace your graphic card with 9600M GT, you can use the link in my signature to get it working, including brightness and hdmi etc.

Also, since you are planing to change your wifi card, I suggest you look around and see if the bios of your laptop has a whitelist check.


My HDX had that check but I bought a "HP Atheros 9280", which has an HP subsystem id and therefore doesn't require bios hacking. I'd tried the same card from a Toshiba laptop and it didn't pass the bios.


Using an HP card did the trick for me :)


Good Luck,

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It isnt a question of whether it will get swapped or not. It will get swapped the only quiestion is if the HDMI, vga and display will work with the new card... I'd imagine so considering the 8530w uses pretty much teh same peripherals with the exception of the graphics card..


mine the 8530p uses ATI and the 8530w uses nvidia.. same connector MXM Type II

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Hi, I have the same laptop.

9600M GT will NOT fit into HP since it is not on the white list, what you have already found out ..

The only replacement as I can found is Nvidia Quadro 770m, which is the part of 8530w laptop.

Here is the reffering post:




I will do that, since I'm also planning to install 10.6.8.

Will post here since I make a replacement.



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