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  1. HP Mini 1000-1137NR Hackintosh Troubles

    I followed this guide as well and it didnt work either... http://www.mymacnetbook.com/2010/03/16/gui...ompaq-mini-700/
  2. HP Mini 1000-1137NR Hackintosh Troubles

    i cant even get -s to pull up terminal to run those commands... i plugged the pen drive into my hackintosh desktop and pressed SHIFT COMMAND G and typed in the path to s/l/e and /e/e on the pen drive and deleted the files that way... when i hold shift on booting from the pen drive it gives me the option to specify boot arg's.. ive tried -s and -f i still get the same KP... Do you have AIM or Google Talk that we can discuss this over? Im willing to pay for you to consult me on this..
  3. HP Mini 1000-1137NR Hackintosh Troubles

    I have done the following... Insert usb pen drive into Mini 1000-1137NR hold F9, select pen drive as boot.. hold SHIFT key type -s hit enter and i get the same exact KP.. I have deleted the sleepenabler.kext from /s/l/e and /e/e on the install pen drive itself.. but its still giving me a KP.
  4. hey everyone followed the instructions from here: http://www.mymacnetbook.com/2010/03/16/gui...ompaq-mini-700/ to the T... I have even tried using boot args such as -v -x cpus=1 however i cant even get to the installer to select my language and proceed... i get a KP i think it has something to do with powermanagement and sleepenabler.kext not sure though... Any ideas? Using an HP Mini 1000-1137NR Screenshot:
  5. Card arrived today... put it in and no POST, seems that the graphics card is on a whitelist and the one i bought isn't on that list.
  6. It isnt a question of whether it will get swapped or not. It will get swapped the only quiestion is if the HDMI, vga and display will work with the new card... I'd imagine so considering the 8530w uses pretty much teh same peripherals with the exception of the graphics card.. mine the 8530p uses ATI and the 8530w uses nvidia.. same connector MXM Type II
  7. So, Ive been looking around on guide to get full QE/CI for the 8530p.. Just as i had started to give up and go buy myself a macbook pro i had a brilliant idea! i can't find anything on the mobility 3650 but i did find stuff on the 9600M card from nVidia. This got me thinking... i wonder if you can upgrade your laptop's graphics card. So i started digging... Come to find out the 8530p has a removable graphics card.. mine had the ATI Radeon HD 3650 Mobility card in it... I took all of the screws out and popped the top off along with the keyboard. Once i got the keyboard off. The {censored} of a graphics card was staring me right in the face.. 4 screws and the little guy was out. I ordered this card from ebay for $130 shipped... http://cgi.ebay.com/Nvidia-Geforce-9600M-9...5#ht_1972wt_907 I will also be attempting to switch the wireless card out for something thats compatible. Heres the wireless card.. The graphics card is coming from California so i should have it sometime next week.. Ill slap it in and edit this thread when i've gotten further.. Stay tuned..
  8. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 driver hopefully?

    Same here, full resolution No QE/CI. Like someone said before, until apple uses it in their systems its unlikely we'll have a fix for full QE/CI.
  9. Hi guys, Im at it again trying to get a copy of snowleo on one of my PCs... This time on my laptop, i have an 8530p which is similiar to the 8530w except for the graphics card. The 8530w uses the Mobility FireGL V5700, Quadro FX 770M and the 8530p uses the Mobility Radeon HD 3650 I have the 8530p and want to get snowleo on it. Does anyone have any success with either of these laptops? I searched and didnt get any real results for SnowLeo.
  10. HD 6000 series?

    Ive been following netkas.org he released drivers for the 5xxx and im assuming when available he'll release them for the 6xxx... but currently at this point there is no support for them Im using a 6870 and my only hinge on going to snow leo and ditching windows is this card.. once its supported its bye bye windows. Keep an eye on netkas.org though. i stand corrected, after some further reading there are reports of people getting the 6xxx working but no graphics acceleration... no games, no photoshop, no video editing... you'd be better off running a vm of it.
  11. Triple monitors with ATI Radion 5000, 5xxx

    nope didnt make a difference. Damn. Guess ill have to live with two monitors for now.
  12. Triple monitors with ATI Radion 5000, 5xxx

    ATY_Init.kext.zipreloading kextcache didnt work. Still only getting two displays. Ive attached my aty_init file for someone to look at..
  13. Triple monitors with ATI Radion 5000, 5xxx

    alright ill try that, if that doesn't work whats the next things to try? Can someone upload their own ATY_INIT file for me to examine?
  14. Triple monitors with ATI Radion 5000, 5xxx

    not a silly question at all, i didnt... kext utility? you mean kext helper what do i click to rebuild kext cache?