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uhhh, ummm...


OK, first off, if you do this, DO NOT SHARE the Library folders or you could face the wrath of crashes and BBOD's left and right. Now with that being said, here is the easy way to do it:


1. I'm assuming you're throwing your X.4 user folder to X.5, so reverse some things if this isn't the case. In X.4, get info on that other partition (which is X.5) and click "ignore permissions on this volume" or whatever it's called.


2. Find your user folders on both X.4 and X.5.


3. Trash the following folder in the X.5 user folder: Desktop, Documents, Movies, Music, Pictures, and Sites. Delete Library if you dare, but be warned that it could cause problems.


4. Go to your X.4 user folder.


5. Take those folders mentioned above from your X.4 folder. Command-option drag them all to your X.5 user folder and you will create aliases to all of those folders in your X.5 user directory.


6. From here, start up in X.5, but don't go to your user area just yet.


7. Get info on the X.4 partition now and click that same box to ignore permissions on that volume. This will enable all of your aliases to go right to the folders you need when you click them.


And that *should* do it.

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