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Not Restarting, Shuting Down (Tried different Kexts)

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I've tried looking this up and all of them with the same answer and the answer I came to too.


Basically I press Restart/Shut Down on the menu of the Apple Logo.

Nothing happens, no window with the 60 sec countdown nothing it just ignores me.

So I thought hmm, ok

When I originally built the system the Shut down worked and everything.

Now it doesn't I tried reinstalling on another Hard Drive and it works on that.

I'd prefer to get my current install working

I have a DSDT and my Mobo is a GA-G31M-ES2L

I have tried all sorts of kexts that fly around and I don't think its a Kernel issue but more the GUI side of things not working


Would love a hand


Thanks in advance!

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