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My MacBook enroute to Apple Repair


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After 2 weeks and experiencing random shutdown.... its now become a frequent shutdown...


1. ive tried everything. pram reset, remove battery and do the 5 sec power pressing, resitting the ram..

2. my macbook is all stock now, will be sending to apple repair center in manila....

3. i am one of those 20% unlucky macbook owner who has the random shutdown...

4. my live on macbook has become an unfortunate one..

5. look at my sig... i bought this june 12 and now aug 19... my macbook :blink:

6. it has also gave me the vertical lines thing

7. updated to the latest firmware update just release today and my random becomes frequent shutdown

8. cant work anymore... all frequent random shutdown


me and my unlucky experience..

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If you get the Apple Care warranty. Do you still have to send your MacBooks out for this issue or will they come on site and fix it?

in my case, i dont have that extended applecare, just the one year standard, i have called them and they advice me to sent it in, since we dont have apple center local in my city, i have to sent it to manila... whiich is $200 away... so ill just be contended with our local courrier....

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