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  1. Ok I think I got this to work. First I used VirtualBox 4.1.2 then I followed this guide: http://and.thirdly.org/post/7842554385/cre...d-for-os-x-lion Then I followed this Guide only doing the part of the OSInstall.mkpg I ended up copying his downloadable one and putting it into mine. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=265453 It is installing now. Here are the steps: Buy the Lion upgrade from the Mac App Store and wait for it to complete its download. Do not launch it. Start terminal and enter the following cd /Applications/Install\ Mac\ OS\ X\ Lion.app/Contents/SharedSupport open InstallESD.dmg cd /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/ hdiutil convert BaseSystem.dmg -format UDRW -o ~/Desktop/Lion.dmg hdiutil resize -sectors 8636968 ~/Desktop/Lion.dmg hdiutil attach ~/Desktop/Lion.dmg Right now you would have 2 disks mounted in Finder, “Mac OS X Install ESD” and “Mac OS X Base System”. Head into “Mac OS X Base System” and then the “System” directory. Enter the “Installation” directory and deleted the file with an arrow named “Packages”. Copy the “Packages” directory in the “Mac OS X Install ESD” disk into the same directory where you deleted the “Packages” file previously. Replace the OSInstall.mpkg with the one from Install Retail Lion on Virtual Box 4.1, Guide on installing Mac OS X Lion on Virtual Box This copy should take a huge amount of time. Its about 2GB in size. Eject both drives once the copy is done. Switch back to terminal and enter the following hdiutil convert ~/Desktop/Lion.dmg -format UDZO -imagekey zlib-level=9 -o ~/Desktop/Lion\ Install.dmg Wait for it to do its thing. Once its done, “Lion Install.dmg” on your desktop is a disk image you can either burn to a DVD or restore to a USB drive for a way to boot into the Lion install process to get a clean install. By clean install, it means using the bootable DVD/USB and then running disk utility to format your system to install Lion. You do not need any Hacks if you're running on a real Mac.
  2. So I have a MacBook Pro i7. I would like to install a guest OS of Lion. I am running Lion now, but I need a test environment so I can safely break stuff in the test. Is there a guide? Thanks, WillGonz
  3. What kexts are needed to use with the ASRock P4Dual-915GL? All I get is the Apple Logo when booting from the Leopard Install DVD. Thanks
  4. willgonz

    A Trojan for Mac User

    This isn't that scary. One could easily write a game that when ran POP-UPs appear by calling pages on the creators site. Just because it does this doesn't make it a virus.
  5. willgonz

    Numbers and Apple Script

    Anyone know of some Docs on how to use Apple Script with Numbers?
  6. willgonz

    Considering buying a MAC

    I got a MacBook Pro 17' but I am a power user. My wife on the other hand is going to get a MacBook. She doesn't need the wide screen and wants light weight. I like the fact the Keyboard lights up on the MacBook Pro. Also another thing to consider, if you plan on using any expansion cards, you might want to consider the MacBook Pro. However, I have used Final Cut Pro on a MacBook and it runs, just slower at rendering. If you play games like wow you might want to go with a bigger screen because it will increase your view. Watching videos on the MacBook Pro 17' is also a ton of fun. It weights more, but my laptop bag is a Targus backpack type. I bought a wiebetech http://www.wiebetech.com/products/toughtech.php hard disk enclosure with firewire 800. I really love it. The MacBook does not include Firewire 800 and there is a difference. For example, when Leopard comes out, you could in fact install it to the external drive and test it out before doing a total complete install. The Firewire 800 drive will boot fast. I put in a 500GB SATA 3.0 drive in there and it smokes. I also went with the 200 Gig drive. It uses perpenduclar recording and hence it seems to be fast. For the cost of a MacBook Pro you could buy two MacBooks. If you have any questions about the MacBook Pro 17' Post them and I'll try to answer them the best I can.
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    So Macs are great?

    I thing to remember. You can always install OS X onto an external drive. Keep a drive handy. Should you need to boot from it and troubleshoot, you'll have it on hand. You could have a fully loaded drive and all your apps by using Carbon Copy Cloner. Select the bootable drive option. Another thing, if you have other Intel Macs, boot them from this drive if needed. Just because it was created on another machine doesn't mean it won't work on another unlike Windows.
  8. willgonz

    Some things I like about OS 10.4

    I know, that bugs me too. Also on the MacBook Pro the eject key is by the delete key and I keep hitting eject.
  9. While I don't want to start a OS war. I do want to point out some things about OS X that I like about it. Veterans will know these things, but the switcher or soon to be switcher may not. I could go on and say that OS X is better because there isn't any Malware for it, but there could be, so I am not going to bring it up. I am also not going to talk about how beautiful OS X is. It doesn't take much to it in Windows. There are programs that do Expose and the Dock on Windows. If there is a feature that looks cool, someone will create it on Windows. A little background about me. I have been a Microsoft nut since the days of Dos 3.3. Back when you couldn't have a hard drive partition bigger than 32MB. Today I am responsible for 500 Windows machines all throughout the west coast at about 100 sites. I have been constantly employed for the past 17 years doing PC hardware/software support. Since OS X x86 I have learned some things about the OS and compared those things to Windows. The Registry While the Registry idea may have sounded like a good idea on paper, I don't really like it. Back in Windows 3.1 the registry did exist, but programs used INI files to store settings. We could easily reinstall a system by using Xcopy to copy the Windows files back over. Today that can't really be done. You could backup an entire system by using Ghost or any other hard disk clone system. Anyway the registry is this huge file that retains settings about your OS and applications. It is the heart of your operating system. If your registry is gone, your system is gone. The registry is constantly being written to and read from. Just get a program called NTREGMON from Sysinternals.com now owned by Microsoft. Filter it to just one program. In this example, notepad, a simple text editor. Once you have NTREGMON running and have the filter set to NOTEPAD.EXE, run notepad. Thousands of registry keys need to be read in order to open this tiny program. I wonder how this might impact system performance. OS X doesn't use the registry. It uses preference files. Like INI files of Windows 3.1 days. You can backup individual preference files or you can back them all up. Because of this it makes it easier to backup your system. With Windows you have to reinstall all your apps. On OS X you can just drag your Applications, Profiles, and Preference files back over. Drive Letters Windows still uses drive letters. Have you ever taken your C: drive and tried to make it your D: drive. You can't, maybe some funky software will let you do it. Everything is hard coded to look at C:. OS X doesn't care about drive letters. In fact, I can copy all the contents of my internal laptop hard drive to an external drive (Carbon Copy Cloner). Then I can boot from that external drive. If you want, when leopard comes out, you will be able to install it on an external drive. Then you can test it with all your applications prior to switching over indefinitely. The more programs you install on a Windows machine the slower it gets I see this all the time. You get a new computer. It's fast and great. You have Office Installed, AntiVirus, Corporate accounting software, etc. But is it just me but over time the system gets slower. It isn't malware, this machine can't hit the internet. It hasn't gotten any new versions of Office since the one that came with it. The disk has been defragged. Still not quite as fast. How about a format and total reinstall. Hey, it's fast again. I don't see the above problem with my OS X installs. Sure if I add say Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, those apps might slow down an older computer, or when the new version of Final Cut Pro comes out in 2015 maybe it will run dog slow on my machine and I'll have to upgrade. Maybe this is why Macs hold their value longer. Searching for files on Windows is super slow With a 250 Gig hard drive with 50 Gig free space it is slow. Sure with only 20 gigs used up it's faster. Maybe WinFS fixes this, I hope it does. On OS X it's tons faster. Later I'm going to find out why. I'll pull the Windows drive out and connect it to my OS X machine and search for random files. I'll time them until the results are displayed. On another machine with OS X on it I'll format another drive exactly the same as my previous drive both bought at the same time, same specs,make, model,etc. This time instead of NTFS it will be Mac OS Extended (Journaled). I will then copy all the files from the NTFS drive to the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) drive. Then I'll take it to another OS X machine and time how long the searches take for the same queries as I performed above. Is it the OS or the filesystem that makes the searching faster. I'll have to admit Windows is nice because you can get tons of games. There are many different systems to choose from. You could build one completely custom. You can't do that with a Mac. Your local computer store might have 10 rows of isles of PC software but only 2 rows of Mac Software. I do think a lot of the PC software is either Junk or just 10 different types of (insert application name here). PCs also have more peripherals available to them. You can find all sorts of add-ons.
  10. willgonz

    10.4.9 macbook pro crash

    And that's why I'm not afraid if my Mac gets Malware because it is simple to get things back up and running again. With Windows it's not so easy.
  11. Ok let's pretend Malware doesn't exist. I have been a Microsoft fan since DOS 3.3 So when this whole X86 thing exploded I feel in love with the MAC OS. So anyway here is what I have learned. With the Mac OS. After you have tons of programs installed the system runs just as fast as the first day I bought it. I notice with some of my Windows machines the more I install the slower the system gets. Reformat reinstall and it is faster again. Even doing defrag on a regular basis doesn't help much either. I like the fact that you can just backup the system. I think OS X is faster at recovering from a reinstall of the OS. Basically just drag your apps and data back over. I like the fact that the WiFi is smart. You go somewhere. You turn on your wireless. It finds an open access point and connects. The next time it already knows. I feel a lot of the computers out there are put together from parts of the lowest bidder. However, Apple does it smarter by putting things into your system to help it last longer. Like their Magsafe power adaptor and Sudden Motion Sensor. You can't go wrong with a MacBook.
  12. You can install OS X to an external drive. This is possible. You go into the GUID settings and there is an option for external drive. Do you want to backup everything? If so boot the external drive and then drag Macintosh HD over and you'll make a copy on your external drive. Reply back if you want more details.
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    My MacBook Pro 17" finally...

    I ordered one too but with a 200 Gig. I have been reading that the new drive technology that uses perpendicular recording actually yields faster read/write access times. Will benchmark and post.
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    Post Installation - NEW JaS 10.4.8 Release.

    I can't get the RTL8100C to work on my 10.4.8 Jas install. The audio works fine, but the network does not. I have a ASRock P4Dual-915GL. Any tips? Thanks
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    RTL8169 and RTL8100c by DaemonES

    I can't get the RTL8100C to work in 10.4.8.