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reqs for a SL compatible 775 mainboard?

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Dear heros,



I currently have osx 10.5.x (latest) running on my PC, and it's great; however my current motherboard is a bit weird and not particularly common, and I can't get SL running and I don't think that's going to change. I'm interested in using some tools that would require SL, and so I would like to swap out my current board for something more SL-friendly, and I'd like to do it cheaply.


And I'm having a bit of trouble sorting through my options and trying to find a board that will cooperate with both SL and the rest of my current hardware. At some point in the next little while I'm going to want to do a 'real' upgrade and get a new board and processor etc., but for the time being my system is entirely adequate for my needs. I just want to get SL working.




Asus P5K/EPU.

Intel E8400 "wolfdale" core2duo

4x1g of DDR2-667

Nvidia 8600

all in an Antec P182.




I'm pretty comfortable doing my own repairs and installations, but x86 hardware is frankly not something I think about very often, and I'm finding this relatively simple task sort of overwhelming. I've been looking at the Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G which I'm pretty confident would work, but I'm thinking that it might make sense to spend less and get a mATX board since I'm really not in it for the longterm. I just want to go to ncix.com tonight, buy a motherboard, and know it should work, and I'm worried that there will be some stupid thing I'm overlooking that is going to screw me over.



save me, internet!

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I personally have a GA-G31M-ES2L that works great its cheap and compatible but only supports up to 4GB RAM

Another option would be a GA-G41M-ES2L which is ATX form factor, the G31M is mATX.


Either would be great for a hackintosh 775 system you can always look one up on a online shop thats cheap and has what you want. Then google the model number plus osx86 then there should be someone who has gone ahead and tried them selves.






Good luck and have happy hacking! :wacko:

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