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Nas via ftp for a remote access

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Hello everybody,

I've just installed my first nas system in my home network and I'm trying to set it up!


Nas is a D-link DNS313 (with a 2TB WD Caviar Green/64Mb) and I access it from a macbook via smb from finder.

If I set permissions on nas settings page (via browser), creating an account then I can't succeed in connect nas to my macbook.It says that user and pass are wrong (impossible!!)


Anyway someone suggests me to connect via ftp, even if I'm connected from my home network.

And I have to say that it works (even if I didn' try to write on the volume and I read that finder have only reading permissions)


Unfortunately I thought I could access the nas from the internet, because I set ftp server and portforwarded on the router...

No way...So I discovered dyndns...but I really didn't understand what it exactly is and how I can use it.


Could anyone help me to get it working?

Thanks a lot.




ehm..my "gear" is:


Internet provider: Fastweb (yes, I don't have public ip, but I can try a remote connection from another fastweb network, my parents' network)

Fastweb HAG plug in the WAN port of a D-Link dir-300(which assign "normal" IPs like 192.168.x.x) where is plugged both my nas and my macbook (macbook via wifi).

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