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GeForce 9500 GT problem with 10.6.5 update


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Hi, I have been running the OS X (iAtkos s3 v.2) with 10.6.3 and 10.6.4 perfectly, everything works flawlessl (graphics, sound network, etc).


Now when I update to 10.6.5 my graphics always get messepd up, but when i look into the system profiler it reads it fine there Gefore 9500GT 1GB..etc..


I tried all those things like removing that texts from the extension folder the graphicspowermanager.kext still same thing, I have also tried so many other stuff like installing other enablers and the efi string but nothing same thing.


so this is how i install from iatkos:

Chameleon 4


p-state cpu manager

ps/2 controller - voodoo sound




and with that it works perfect untill update 10.6.4



any one have any ideas




PS: if i buy a card that was made for a macpro like ATI Radeon HD2600XT will it work fine just like in a regular mac?

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try this..

update to Chameleon 2 RC5

remove NVEnabler

and boot using GraphicsEnabler=Yes flag


i have tried selecting GraphicsEnabler but that wont work at all i don't get all the resolutions for my display I only get 1.

and I just reinstalled it again with RC5 but still same thing

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