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  1. just want to share some info that this hint about enabling AirDrop on Lion from http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?stor...110913213649565 is apparently working with my dell wireless 1490 (reflashed to airport extreme) havent tested the functionality yet since i've only got one Lion system running
  2. hello, i've got sound all good with voodooHDA, just small question.. left-jack auto-switch fine between internal speaker and headphone. is there a way to make center-jack (lineout) auto-switch..? currently i have to set output device to lineout manually in syspref sorry if this sound confusing, thanx
  3. i once have the same thought about vanilla thing.. but after i while, i cannot see any advantage. Those kexts i'm using wont get overwritten by updates even if located on /S/L/E.. (just remember to remove AppleHDA) besides, Lion's UseKextCache doesnt seems to play nice with /E/E that kext will load Apple CSR Bluetooth instead of Apple Generic Bluetooth. Bluetooth can be toggled on and off, and Wake from Sleep option in Bluetooth shouldn’t be grayed out (not sure if this is working). more info here pure cosmetics but it looks nice @Immo "NVidia Accelerated Graphics (make sure to use GraphicsEnabler in com.apple.Boot.plist)" since NVidia is injected already in DSDT, i think GraphicsEnabler is no longer needed..
  4. yes, this is exactly the same patch i used on Lion.. and it works well.. but not on 10.6.8 @LatinMcG yes, i used the same kexts for both SL and Lion..
  5. my kexts: - fakesmc - voodoops2controller - voodoobattery - voodoosdhc - AnyiSightCam - CSRAppleBluetooth all of 'em in /S/L/E and MBP5,1 as model mykext.zip
  6. @LatinMcG currently using r1203.. thanx, i'll try 0x02 @dlach yes, i already used the latest one from the OP.. actually i've applied RTC binary patch posted by Rayap somewhere in Lion Forum about how i install Lion.. i used pre-installed Lion Image created by TOBW, restored it to other partition/disk using SL's Disk utility, add some kext to /S/L/E and done pretty easy actually
  7. i did this patch, and it works well on Lion 10.7 and 10.7.1.. but apparently i also have this reset-after-sleep problem on my SL 10.6.8, and the above mentioned patch wont help.. is there different RTC patch for 10.6.8? thanx
  8. works on 10.6.8 crash on 10.7
  9. yes, CPUPM works but GPUPM doesn't.. stuck @182MHz check my sig, the graphics should runs @432Mhz on powermode i'll try that FakeSMC
  10. tested on M1330-8400m GS.. P-States works.. Graphics works @182MHz (no speedstep) according to smcK-stat-i, but this makes my overall system runs cooler.. thanks for pointing that out
  11. just tested the supplemental update, and HDMI still make system freeze..
  12. no.. it's completely vanilla.. the only different between SL and Lion is the top most checkbox (about weirdo Lion's scroll direction) here's the screenshot of SL 10.6.8's trackpad.prefPane
  13. my trackpad pref pane is working on Lion.. using kext attached VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip
  14. try smcK-Stat-i http://db.tt/G3I8nLn it works great on mine
  15. copy mach_kernel from inside InstallESD.dmg to your USB-Stick