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Can I run a MacPro with an ELSA ATi FireGL V5200

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I'm shopping for a friend who need to run Maya. She doesn't care about OS X and Maya 8.0 is not intel compatible. My question is this:


MacPro only have one workstation video card option. It costs 'A LOT' extra. ($2000)


Is it possible to buy a macpro, which is an excellent deal especially with the education discount. Use an aftermarket video card probably a ELSA ATi FireGL V5200 with windows and never boot into OS X?


I only use a hackintosh, but I am guessing this would work?



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I dont get it... why buy a mac then??? Buy a normal PC for half price...

I don't think it will work. Because a Mac-Video card has a efi AND a bios firmware on its eprom (its 128 kb?!) and a normal pc card has ONLY a bios firmware on its eprom (its 64 kb?!) so i dont think this will work, but you can test it....

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