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  1. Hi, I have a setup based on ASRock X99 Extreme4/3.1 and currently use a RocketRaid640. It works fine, but I needed more ports. The RocketRaid 2720SGL is recognised at POST and i see it spin up the disks connected. I have flashed with non-raid bios. But OS X does not see it. I have tried installing Highpoint drivers, even though El Capitan has drivers built in. I have also installed the clover blockbios and it makes no difference. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I'm using 10.9.1 installed using the Vanilla guide, including DSDT, on a P5W motherboard. USB is unfortunately stuck at USB1 speed. If I boot in safe mode, i get full usb speed. Previously it was possible to remove AppleHPET.kext and everything would be good. Running without AppleHPET.kext now causes a kernel panic, so i'm after another solution. For what it's worth, my DSDT is attached. Any ideas? Edit:
  3. solved this by unmounting the disk and doing dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 bs=4096 with chameleon. I also marked the partition as active, not sure if that was necessary. The difference was I had not used the bs=4096 option.
  4. Hi, I have been running a p5w off of a 2tb seagate for a while and have just needed to upgrade to a 3tb, a seagate as well. i was using chameleon to boot. i cannot get any bootloader to boot off the 3tb disk. i have tried all the installers and installing manually with the same result. boot0 error. The workaround is to install chameleon on a usb stick. Any got any ideas of things to try to get this working again? Thanks!
  5. hey guys, i've got myself quite puzzled. some time ago my install started acting weird. basically it sometimes, apparently randomly, won't load the mkexts and boots safe mode. so to work around this i reboot repeatedly with -v until it loads the mkext and moves on. safe mode is annoying to say the least! sometimes when i try to rebuild the mkext i get "kext is invalid, omitted" but a reboot allows me to build the mkext normally. currently using pc efi 10.6. i have x32, graphics enabler = y and boot-uuid set this is on a p5w-dh deluxe with a q6600. i am using a dsdt.aml the kexts i have been using in /Extra/Extensions are: AHCIPortInjector AppleRTC AtherosFix IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector IOAudioFamily JMicronATA NullCPUPowerManagement OSvKernDSPLib OpenHaltRestart PlatformUUID VoodooHDA famesmc any help would be most appreciated! p.s. where is the most up to date guide for a vanilla install that covers Chameleon rc4 and pc efi 10.6? i just want to confirm compatibility and ensure i haven't missed any steps.
  6. Broadcom 4315 - Snow Leopard

    i had trouble getting my bcm4306 working under SL too, though it was always flawless under leo. with 10.6.2 however the 64-bit atheros driver is working just dandy on my other card, so i'm satisfied.
  7. Video Encoder that use OpenCL

    i don't believe there are any options at this time. Even badaboom which is cuda, is early days. sorry to disappoint.
  8. rapidshare.de

    i've never experienced any such issues. while rapidshare .com or .de are not my preferred options, there is nothing inherently wrong with them. i just checked a couple with ad and pop-up blocking disabled and received nothing but some inoffensive advertising suggesting i can make money working from home or if am looking for a date. i suppose they could be employing some geo-targetting if you are in a country that allows it. advertising can get downright dirty sometimes. for me anyway, it's relatively clean and painless.
  9. it does depend on the brand you get, but even then it should only be necessary to add the dev-id to a kext. i have the asus eah4870 and the only thing required is graphicsenabler=yes nothing else. see what's cheap.
  10. i tried for a while with an x1800xt that had worked flawlessly in leopard. i ended up buying a 4870 - no issues whatsoever. i was interested to see if you would have any luck. oh well.
  11. OpenCL Info

    you are not alone, but don't hold your breath. handbrake relies on x264 code, the developers of which have made various comments as to the complexity of the task and the lack of support in documentation and example implementations on the api from apple to address opencl. it's likely to happen, but not quickly.
  12. Deleting sleep enabler kext

    if windows is already installed, you can use macdrive. alternatively you can boot from your install media. once loaded you can open terminal. do something like mount_hfs /dev/disk0s2 /Volumes/Snowy/ and then you can delete the file that way with the command rm -rf /Extra/Extensions/SleepEnabler.kext hope this helps give you an idea of what is required. if it's all too much, getting hold of macdrive would be easier for you, if you have it handy.
  13. What should I Buy

    secretly infect your windows installation with viruses that pop up porn at random. she'll love os x in no time. if you have a working install you can follow any number of guides. basically, format hfs+ usb stick. install chameleon onto your usb stick. mount your snow leopard retail disc/iso. open /Volumes/SnowLeopardInstallDisc/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg and install to your usb stick. then the fun begins with kernels and kexts. you'll have to scour the board for that stuff. good luck. once working, you can repeat the process or just image your install onto a harddisk.
  14. What should I Buy

    out of curiosity, did you see matty or my post before you went shopping? did you look at the wiki? did you notice the total lack of amd? it can be done, but you're putting yourself up for a world of hurt. at the very least you will need an amd kernel. considering the modification that is necessary i think you need a working installation. you could use linux, but you may find it easier to install os x on vmware and build your installation from there on your boot drive.
  15. What should I Buy

    your best bet is the wiki at wiki.osx86project.org choose how much you're going to spend and then find a motherboard and video card in that category that others have had success with.