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iATKOS slow during 10 minutes.


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Ok, iATKOS v7 never detected me my hard disk, so, ive intalled it on an external one, now im using mac but i takes 5 minutes to start and after that, is slow for 10 minutes, after that it works as a Mac, not a PC. important information I can give is that i cant boot withous cpus=1, so its not easy to wait that time, especialy when youre on a hurry.

Im givin you mi specifications:

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E7400

Graphics : NVIDIA gforce 9500 GT (drivers installed, it has some trouble but i dont use this osx for playing)

WLAN : Atheros AR5005G (drivers Installed)

Motherboard : MSI P6NGM


Im also having trouble reading CDs but is more important to solve my slow osx.


Greetings from Argentina

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since you can boot into OSX,

run disk utility and create an HFS+ partition in your internal HDD

then try restoring your installation from ext.HDD to it

install chameleon, and you should be able to run OSX from internalHDD

I said that iATKOS never detected me my internal hard disk, I open disk utility and its was the same as when i w3as installing it, i doesnt appear, ive tried a lot of times to install in my internal disk with lots of partitions

ive tried these

HFS plus





Not asigned memory

memory non partitioned

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