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OSX on Asus EeeBox B202 Working like a charm!


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I've succeeded in installing OSX on the ASUS EeeBox B202 as per DanielFo's userguide in this thread:




I had to do a second install, because after the first installation the system didn't boot using Daniel's bootcd.


First I tried to reformat the harddisk in another PC, but that didn't remove the EFIS partition. After a bit of searching on the internet I came across this page http://pitumbo.com/how-delete-gpt-partitio...sks-vista-or-xp


Using the clean option with the diskpart app that's available in windows I was finally able to reinstall OSX.



My primary reason for this machine is to use it as a media server. At the moment I'm quite fond of Air Video Server, as it integrates nicely with our iPad.


Unfortunately, mkv files (1 gig or more) whilst getting converted are not a lot of fun to watch due to the extended pauses.


I feel I've got a few options:

- Get 2gb of ram instead of the current 1gb memory

- Insert an SSD drive

- Insert a Crystal HD PCI module


I was wondering if anyone has experiences with one or more of the above options (I read DanielFo uses an SS), and if it would make a difference for an application like Air Video Server.





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I don't want to take my wireless network card out that would be silly for me :( I like this technology though it's extremely interesting to see it even exists lol


use CoreAVC soon 3.0 will come out hopefully adding even better playback support for lower end systems.


I want this card now but not a usb wifi thing :Z grr oh well can't have it all. I just need to buy an all-in-one iMac soon =p

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