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Well Just Interested to instal OSx86


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Well i had a long time ago Leopard with my old GTX260.. etc.. Well now i would love to have 10.6.XX (Snow Leopard) on my pc now i have one GTX470 a ASUS Pro Turbo qith a Q6600@ 2.88Ghz and 4GB Ram.. could somewone take time and help me with my pc.. i'd love :(



Carlos Rausch :blink:

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Alright, here we go, for starters, my name is Krishna, and I'm 13 years old as well :D

Going on..





What you'll need:


1) Core 2 Quad CPU (Which you have)

2) Blank DVD+R for Empire EFI.

3) Snow Leopard Retail DVD

4) Time

5) Internet Connection/other computer.



1) Alright, start by downloading Empire EFI from here.

Burn it to a DVD+R on Windows with IMGBurn at 2x Speed.


2) Boot off of Empire EFI, follow the onscreen instructions to boot into the Snow Leopard DVD.


3) In the Snow Leopard Installer, hit "Utilities" at the top, "Disk Utillity", and then select your disk. Go to the "Partition" Tab.


One Partition, GUID Partition Table, Mac OS Extended (Journaled)



4) LAN should be functional. Download all the following.



This driver is Audio.



This is the chipset driver.



This driver is for LAN.



This driver fixes icons :)



This is crucial for your CPU.



This enables Restart functionality.



This fixes crackling audio after sleep.

When you install this, make sure you install only the crackle fix and not the kext!



Chameleon RC4; this BOOTS your whole OS X System!


5) Move all the downloads to the desktop. Start by running the Chameleon RC4 Installer! Let it install.


6) Okay, now move NullCPUPowerManagement, FakeSMC, and IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector to /Extra/Extensions.

To access /Extra/Extensions, open your Hard Disk in Finder, cilck the "Extra" folder, then in the folder open "Extensions and drag the kexts I mentioned in there. If "Extensions" is not there, simply right click and click "new Folder" and name it Extensions :D


7) Launch Kext Helper b7. Drag ALL the kexts EXCEPT the ones you moved in Step 6 to Kext Helper. Type your account password, and click easy install. After it's done and says cross fingers and reboot, click okay, and reboot.


8) You should be able to boot OS X without the Empire EFI DVD now. You are almost there!


9) Open System Preferences from the Dock and click Sound. Use "Analog PCM #0: PCM" if you are using the audio port on the back of your computer.


10) Success! You are now on 10.6.0.


Updating to 10.6.6


Navigate to System/Library/Extensions in Finder on your OS X hard drive.

Delete "SleepEnabler.kext" by right clicking it and clicking "Move to trash."


Now, download this.



Open Kext Helper and drag the kext you just download into there. Type your password and click Easy Install.

Let it say Cross Fingers and reboot. Click okay.



Download the following. Make sure your computer does not fall asleep when downloading, shake the mouse every 1-2 minutes.




Now, when it's done installing, run the installer and let it install.

This installs Mac OS X 10.6.6.


After it's installed, you can click reboot in the installer itself.



Let it reboot. ALMOST THERE.


Download and install this.



It requires you create an account, do it.

After creating an account as TonyMacX86 download the "tonymacx86 NVIDIA Update"


Let it run and install. Reboot after it's done.




You are now running Mac OS X 10.6.6, with a fully functional graphics card and other features!

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