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[Guide] SnowLeo on HP G60-635DX

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Hello ladies and gents. Today i will show you how to create a fully functional Hp g60-635dx "OSX PC". This guide requires some knowledge of OSX.


1. Download iAtkos s3 v2 (you should know where to get it)


2. burn the ISO to a cd and boot from it ( if it wont boot from CD then go into the Bios and select the cd drive as the primary boot setting)


3. once the disk loads up go to Utilities and then disk utility and:


A. if your installing on a partition simply format that partition with Mac OS X Extended Journaled and name it what ever you may like


B. if installing onto an external harddrive then click on the external disk and go to partition, then click on "partition" then under "volume scheme" select 1 partition. then click on options below the volume scheme image and select "Master boot record"


C. if you are doing a clean install on an empty harddrive then do the same as step B. except select the harddrive instead of the usb external.


4.exit disk utility


5.hit next on the install screen, agree to the terms, then select your location for installing osx then WAIT!! DONT PRESS INTALL YET HIT CUSTOMIZE!!!! (bottom left corner)


6. under customize select:


deslelect AsereBLN v1.1.9 and select Chameleon v2 rc4


then under bootloader options select ethernet


under patches and modified kernels select qoopz 10.3.0


under drivers and main hardware and ps/2 select apple ps/2 then under laptop hardware select battery


under drivers and network and wirless select Atheros


under drivers and networking then wired select realtek


7. click install and let it install.


8. after install reboot the computer and eject the cd before the computer restarts (its ok if u dont just hit f8 while th somputer turns on and it should list OSX)


9.in the bootloader select osx and type -v then hit enter


10. if everything went smoothly it should boot then just fill in your credidentials when the setup screens come up and then once you finish the setup it should go to the desktop with airport and battery and sound and ps/2 support


11. we ain't done yet because as you could see airport isn't working


12. download the OSX 10.6.6 combo update from http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1349


13. download the files included in this post and place them on the desktop (do not un-compress them):








14. install the update and reboot


15.now wireless should be working! but usb wont be): but its fixable


How to fix usb:


1.remember those files you downloaded earlier? well unzip them to the desktop.


2.kext utility will be included in the files. Now every kext included please drag each one seperately onto the kext utilty icon (literally click and hold to drag them on top of the kext utility icon)


3.let them install via kext utility and once they are all complete restart your computer and voila u have a fully-functional OS x PC




1. sleep just starts working after w while


2. sometimes when you install the kexts they wont install right so just re-install all the kexts that don't involve usb.


3. if after u install the kexts your mouse isn't working use a USB mouse and re-install voodoo PS/2.kext





If you have any questions PM me and ill gladly help :) ENJOY YOUR NEW COMPUTER!!!!!


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Trrrrryyyyyiiing thiiiiiiissssssssssssssssss......nnnnnnoooooowww!


Slow motion.


The start up install of this thing almost made me want to throw it out the window. I'd say about 10 minutes before it got to the place where I could load disk utility. Slower than two hillbillies building a {censored} house from a rowboat.


What do they do to this stuff to make it so slllllllloooooow?


I thought my DVD drive was going doing have a heart attack.

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Works Great! The only problem I have is that if I force 64 bit mode i also have to enable safe boot. and I have to boot with -v everytime eitherway.

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