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[Help] Snow Leopard Retail


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I should install Snow Leopard Retail on a friend's computer..

Could you create an "already patched" BIOS to help me?


I do not remember the exact procedure and unfortunately

I have not much time these days and I would not spoil his

PC. It is an HP compact computer is not too fast..


>CPU: E2140 1.6Ghz

>With FSB @ 800Mhz

>MoBo: Asus IPILP-AR

>Video: GeForce 7500LE

>Audio: Chipset ALC 888

>Lan: ??? 10/100 Base-T

>Ram: 2*1Gb (PC2-5300)


Here the LINK to the original BIOS.

Here the LINK to his technical specs.


Thanks to anyone who helps me.

If someone would give me some advice also on the kext are welcome. :)

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