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Very Happy With Online Service (zeotomic.com)


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As you may already know, my 1 month old 13" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz laptop got ruined when i spilt shampoo over the keyboard (dont ask). It required a new logic board and the cheapest i could find on eBay was $1000+ postage. After hours of searching i managed to find zeotomic.com which actually specialise in logic board replacements. I was a bit sceptical at first as i had to send my logic board to them before i received the brand new replacement one, but they were actually really helpful and kept me upto date via email. So anyway - new logic board arrived about a week after sending my faulty one in and with the help of ifixit manuals i successfully installed the new logic board SUCCESS!!


I am so happy as a lot of members on here said it was best to just scrap the mac for parts. If you have a liquid damaged laptop i would strongly recommend checking out www.zeotomic.com as they are the cheapest around (for me anyway)


Sam x

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