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I have a nice working OS X and I just want to fix some "design flaws" to get more of the vanilla experience. :)


1.) When loading chameleon there is a spinning bar. Is it possible to make this invisible and just show a black screen instead. I also want to avoid to show the "boot0:...." list. So essentially the bootloader shouldn't show anything but black.


2.) I have chameleon RC5 installed on the OS X partition. Is there an easy way to completely uninstall it and move it to a new partition at the beginning of the system disk? I want to be able to much easier restore Time Machine backups.


3.) I need to install these drivers: AppleHDA.kext and AttansicL1eEthernet.kext

Is it possible to install them in /E/E to leave the system untouched and avoid to replace AppleHDA by updates?


4.) Did anyone try to make a new BIOS logo for the P5Q? I would like to have just a black screen. So that essentially the first thing I see is the Apple logo.


I'm sure many of you want to have their system as vanilla as possible too. Thanks for any help.

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