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Works great: Acer Travelmate 371tci laptop


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Acer TravelMate 371 Tci

- Pentium-M 1.4GHz banias

- 2x256MB Ram

- 855GM intel chip7



Ok then... how it's working.

I installed it on a second partition with my windows xp on first, and immediatly after install (deadmoo's image) everything was working really fast (comparing to some desktops i tried, they were real snails lol).

Then i had some troubles patching the SSE3 thing, but it was a small stupid error, and once i overcome that (merely a folder issue), everything SSE3 related just worked.


hardware wise:

- touchpad works, can even configure tap and other stuff

- sound works, though it can get choppy sometimes when cpu is overloaded, i guess.

- firewire external cd rom works, usb 2.0 works

- no gfx acceleration (device id 0x3582), though some people report it is possible. i haven't managed to do it, though.

- i guess ethernet works, haven't tried it

- wireless through usb dongle works like a charm (WEP only though)

- battery is recognized and calculates time correctly (only get around 1:30 battery time, 4:00 in windows..)

- changed keyboard layout to portuguese, but some keys are a bit misplaced.

- special key combinations work, so Fn+whatever key does the desired effect (change sound, screen luminosity, mute, etc)

- when i close lid, it turns off monitor and i think hard drive also. comes back when i open it.


user related:

- it works really fast, much faster than in my faster and higher ram desktop

- i can use many apps at same time, rarely get any crashes whatsoever. example: itunes playing cdrom, safari opening several pages, usb wireless utility, mac messenger with several conversations, etc



i'm really happy with how it works, i feel i can use it as a real alternative to windows, as is.

thanks to all you guys who made this possible :lol:

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I use conceptronic usb wireless adaptor, with ralink rt2500 chip. i use ralink's driver for mac. it now supports WPA on new version.




Raven hell, yep de braga ;) nada de QE e 3d, por enquanto. 1024x768. A unica coisa que tenho em português é o spell checking, que até está muito bom (e integrado nos vários programas).

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