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Is there a downloadable and bootable bootloader I can install from cd/iso?


I keep getting boot errors for instance, now I'm getting HFS+ Partition error and earlier for a prior install I was getting a b0 error


I'm using XxX OSx86 10.4.11 Rev 2 and a ThinkPad T30


I believe the problem is in:

PC EFI Bootloaders

Old EFI Patches


efi v5

efi v6

efi v7.3 GUID


efi v8

efi v8 MBR


Which of these is best for my laptop and should I try using, I'm trying to tri-boot also, I've already got Windows installed and am looking for a good linux or bsd distro that works with my machine?






It boots up perfectly as long as the OSx86 DVD is in the optical drive and BTW everything is running perfect and picked up correctly even my battery and processor, only problem I'm having right now is the b0 error and mounting issues to open dmg's... If I could just mount and open a dmg then I could try to install Chameleon!! Errrr!



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