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    Hazard 10.6.6 on Samsung Q1 Ultra

    How do ya get it to boot off cd/dvd if at all possible? Settings are already enabled in bios and every other cd/dvd gives me the option to boot from it.
  2. How do ya get it to boot off cd/dvd if at all possible? Settings are already enabled in bios and every other cd/dvd gives me the option to boot from it.
  3. Did what I had to do before, which was unhook all my hard drives except for one and it still just sits there as if it's already been installed waiting for me to select a drive with a os on it... If I press the down arrow key that's the only time I get any on screen Chameleon action, f8 does nothing... Anyone Please??? LoL!
  4. All I get when I load iAtkos s3 v2 is the Chameleon bootloader screen, what do I need to do? I'm confused I set the bios right and all that right, have the same exact pc as you except for a GeForce 8400GS card. Also in the Chameleon screen when I press f8 nothing happens, dunno how to get it to the prompt to type -v "whatever" to get the installation process to kick in. Or is there a newer version with 10.8.... Known to be working? Thanks!
  5. Okay so here's the run down of the dilly!!! I've been working at a pawn shop here recently and we got a macbook pro with mountain lion installed... The pawnee(?) never came back to redeem their pawned item so it's ours now to sell. Well my boss got this in before I started working there and he never asked the person for their username/apple-id and password. He's tried getting ahold of them, but their phone number is no longer in service. So how can we either factory restore or completely reinstall everything, it askes us to logon with the apple-id after a few steps from cmd(Or opt?) r, we registered his store e-mail with itunes and apple-id but it still asked us to sign in with the previous owners login. If I had a mountain lion disc could I just install it right away from cmd(Or opt?) b(I think it is?) I know we tried with snow leopard and it gave us that monochrome gray, black and white error screen, why is that? But how can we get around this? So my boss can put it out on the stores shelves up for sale... I'm trying to get the job done, help him and learn something new!
  6. Just got done downloading iiAtkos S3 V2 10.6.3, I can't believe no other P1610 owners haven't tried this yet... It's just about got every single driver we needed, I'll report back with results... As far as ethernet goes I chose 88E8056 it was the closest to 88E8055 so we'll see if it works successfully. Okay so I got it installed but still no ethernet or wifi, now the laptop will go to sleep but sometimes wont wake back up also but everything else is working perfectly.
  7. It seems theres a totallly different boot record again for Windows 8, I can't for the life of me get it to work with Windows 8... Tried easybcd, tried HFS+ for Windows (Which doesn't show a chaino file) then selecting the mac drive and nothing. It worked but booted to my OSx86 installation dvd which is a totally different drive letter than what was selecting... Tried chameleon it shows the windows installation but wont boot it, all ya get is a blank screen and if you let sit there nothing chanes at all... So how can I get this done? Thanks for any advice.
  8. I got everything installed but wireless and ethernet isn't working... I've got the P1610, trying to download S3 V2 to give it a whack. Has anyone tried TabletMagic?
  9. n1nj4Lo

    HowTo: Fujitsu T4215 w/ iAtkos 5i

    I'd honestly like to know what our network vendor and device is... I think if other sers reply it'ld be a lot easier than hunting it down ourselves. *is fixing to try this himself either right now or within this day after I get a lil sleep and fully wake up.
  10. n1nj4Lo

    Boot Error Help

    Is there a downloadable and bootable bootloader I can install from cd/iso? I keep getting boot errors for instance, now I'm getting HFS+ Partition error and earlier for a prior install I was getting a b0 error I'm using XxX OSx86 10.4.11 Rev 2 and a ThinkPad T30 I believe the problem is in: PC EFI Bootloaders Old EFI Patches > efi v5 efi v6 efi v7.3 GUID - efi v8 efi v8 MBR Which of these is best for my laptop and should I try using, I'm trying to tri-boot also, I've already got Windows installed and am looking for a good linux or bsd distro that works with my machine? - Update It boots up perfectly as long as the OSx86 DVD is in the optical drive and BTW everything is running perfect and picked up correctly even my battery and processor, only problem I'm having right now is the b0 error and mounting issues to open dmg's... If I could just mount and open a dmg then I could try to install Chameleon!! Errrr! Thanks
  11. n1nj4Lo

    Format HFS+ Partition In Windows XP

    BUMP!!! I'd just like to update this with the success I've had with Paragon, not only can ya read HFS/+ from within File Explorer, but ya can also format partitions to it too.
  12. I also want to know this as I am going to try and install it on a buddies Compaq Evo D500 Ultra Slim and would like to set up where he could dual boot.. Problem is he has no DVD Reader/Writer and it's a pain to find one for that system.. So I'm gunna transport the VMWare files via Flash Drive... Also for drivers would I need to search for and install specials .kexts and just install them as usual or .dmg files too?
  13. Wouldn't this work with OS X 10.2 and UP? http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/11459