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$350 PC

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I saw an article on I-Hack i think and it had links to some hardware to build a fully running PC for OSX. But most of the links are out dated...So does anyone know of some hardware? I'll pick out the case, all I really need to know is what Mobo, CPU, Graphics, DVD drive, etc. I need it under $350 though.


I looked on a hardware guide but couldn't find anything.



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I'm having the same problem, mostly with the motherboard. Its hard to find answers and people with running hackintoshes don't seem to answer from their experience :construction:




This is what I have been able to find so far in the link above.


I'm probably going to get this motherboard since I already have DDR ram. I'm not sure if I should find a DDR2 based motherboard or not though.




I know that the x1600 is about the only video card you can get working that isn't a 950 or 900. I may be wrong but I know its a "stock" item for a Mac.


Basically all you need to be concerned with is the video card and the motherboard.

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