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Sigmatel 9200


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I have iDeneb 10.5.8 installed on a Gateway MT3707. Every thing works fine except the wireless which will be fixed once the usb adapter arrives and the audio. When installing I choose the sigmatel 9200 kext option in the audio but the device does not even show up once it boots up.

This is my first go around with OS X so everything is strange to me. I tried to use the AppleHDA patcher and inject the sigmatel kext but when i dragged it into the icon like it instructed nothing happens. So I tried kexthelper, that seemed to actually add the kext but still no audio device shows up in the sound settings.

Next I tried what dorkbydesign said here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...l=sigmatel+9200, but when I type chown -R root:wheel SigmaTelAudioDriver.kext and hit enter I get a "no such directory exist"


I also installed the AzeliaAudio.pkg the another thread said would work. That made the device show up in the sound setting but there is no sound actually coming from the speakers nor the headphones. Can some one help me?

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Yes I tried all that. I finally gave up and re-installed 10.5.7 and chose the VodooHDA option and now I have sound. Thanks for trying to help. Now all that is left is for my usb wifi dongle to arrive and I will have internet access.

Is it ok to run the built in Apple Software Update? Or is that only for real macs?

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