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MSI P45D3 Platinum - 100% Working - 99% Vanilla - DSDT Fixes - Other Tips


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DSDT Fixes:


Attached is a mod'd DSDT for MSI P45D3 Platinum. As taken from standard AMI BIOS v1.8


Fix's include:


Removed Aliases from Scope (_PR)

Method (DTGP, added

Device (SBUS)

Device ID added to Device (SBRG) - To load AppleLPC.kext

HPET - IRQNoFlags 2 and 8 added

PIC - IRQNoFlags Removed

RTC - IRQNoFlags Removed

_OSI - Windows 2006 changed to Darwin

Shutdown Fix added to Method (_PTS,

Method (_WAK, Fix

Ethernet built-in Fix

Code for JMicron Firewire JMB380, as taken from the UEFI BIOS, added to P0P5

Power Button fix added to , Device (PWRB)

P0P2 (1st PCI-E slot) replaced with PEGP

LAN0 added for Ethernet suport - No need for any addition kext

HDEF - Audio device added for ALC888 codec - No Need for HDAEnabler.kext

_CST values for C1E support - If your CPU support more than C1E then please use "No-C1E" version and GenerateCStates=Yes in boot.plist


I have not edited:


USB Parts - No need for this board

_PSS values for PStates - No need to add this for this board as works OTB!


Please note as Gringo V has pointed out on another post of mine, If you are having problems with this DSDT file. Extract your own DSDT, search for the following lines (within ""):


"OperationRegion (BIOS, SystemMemory," xx(some Hex value)xx


"OperationRegion (^LPCR, SystemMemory," xx(some Hex value)xx


Replace the Hex values on my DSDT with those of your own.







Sleep Issues:


For auto sleep I am using KWS's fabulous RIP3 script!


No USB issues on wake from sleep!




Please see tmogkol's ALC889a thread and search the 1st post for ALC888.

Download the ALC888 zip for the version of Snow you are running.

NOTE - you only need to install the AppleHDA.kext to S/L/E - you do not need HDAEnabler.kext!

Kexts in /Extra:


Note you only need FakeSMC.kext . the other 2 kext are for IO sensor monitoring with iStats!

Also Note FakeSMC.kext is edited for use with Model id iMac9,1




SMBIOS.plist - you can work that one out for yourselves!




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Sure noone's using this thread but it's getting updated anywhos :D


DSDT updated with built-in Ethernet fix and a number of other amendments to some of the original patches. ..

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i already downloaded the "dsdt", may i know how do i open this file is my os x lion? i am using msi p45 platinum, your post is very useful for me and i hope you can help me to solve my problem. i cannot reboot my os x lion after successfully installed. please help me.

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