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Can't restore, missing GUID_partition_scheme and EFI partitions

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So I used disk utility to make what I thought was a copy of my drive, apparently it just copied the partition with the install and not the other two partitions


When using "diskutil list" the drive that was supposed to be a clone is missing "GUID_partition_scheme" and "EFI" partitions. Is there a way to create these partitions on the disk and add chameleon? I screwed up the working copy I have by doing a system update and expected to be able just to swap the cloned drive in and have it work.


I also tried restoring the cloned drive, but two things happen. Disk Utility give me an error about not being able to allocate memory even though it looks like it does the install ok and then when I put the drive into the computer and attempt to boot from it, I get a "boot:0 error:


Any help at this juncture will be appreciated.


I could always reinstall OS X, but trying to get my GTX 295 working was a nightmare. That's why I was keeping a cloned drive so I wouldn't ever have to go through this again.



Asus p6t non deluxe


Nvidia GTX 295.

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Your post is a bit imprecise; cutting-and-pasting the output of "sudo diskutil list" (typed at a Terminal prompt) would provide more precise information on your disk's layout.


Without more precise information, my only suggestion is to try another disk-copying program, such as Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper. It's possible that one of these programs will do a better job at copying the copy back to the original disk than does Disk Utility.

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