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My personal questions....

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I have a few questions:


1) I'm using Transmission, and my torrent is downloading to a folder on my desktop. How do I get it to become a .dmg?


2) Could somebody make a guide on how to install the preview with an obviously single-layer drive 1.83Ghz MBP?


3) If I use Boot Camp to partition, can I keep my 10.4 and XP partitions intact while creating a third partition for 10.5?


4) If I use Boot Camp to partition, how should I go about formatting the partition to HFS+? Should I use my Tiger reinstall disk that came with the MBP?


Thanks for all your help, and I'm sorry if these questions have already been answered, but I wasn't able to find them quite as I had hoped....


Thanks again!

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I haven't finished downloading it, either.


1 Use UnRarX to make it into a .dmg, I think.

2 In this thread there are different methods of installing without a DVD. Do you have an iPod, or some sort of external drive? If not you can just partition with BootCamp, etc.

3 No, BootCamp only lets you make one partition at a time, so it won't be able to make another for Leopard, you will either have to install on an external, delete XP, or delete Tiger.

4 Yeah, I think you just make the partition in BootCamp, restart with the DVD (that came with the MBP) and then reformat it for Mac OS.


I think most of those are right, hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong :hysterical:

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