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  1. Leopard Installation Method

    Can someone help me out here? My install doesn't work, it just hangs at the Apple (after pressing C on startup until the Apple shows up) Here's what I did: Downloaded carbon copy cloner Copied the OS X disk, but deleted the Xcode folder (from CCC) In ccc, made the destination (target) disk bootable Used disk utility to burn the DVD (dvd-r) restarted, held C and it just hangs on the Apple, on the G3 & G4 I let hang for like.....40 minutes. on the macbook pro it got the gear after 3 minutes. let it hang for 30 more minutes, nothing. what am I doing wrong? what other way without using an external drive, DL DVD, iPod, etc can I use? how can I just install it within the os on a different partition or something? thanks in advance
  2. My personal questions....

    I haven't finished downloading it, either. 1 Use UnRarX to make it into a .dmg, I think. 2 In this thread there are different methods of installing without a DVD. Do you have an iPod, or some sort of external drive? If not you can just partition with BootCamp, etc. 3 No, BootCamp only lets you make one partition at a time, so it won't be able to make another for Leopard, you will either have to install on an external, delete XP, or delete Tiger. 4 Yeah, I think you just make the partition in BootCamp, restart with the DVD (that came with the MBP) and then reformat it for Mac OS. I think most of those are right, hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong
  3. Spaces in Tiger?

    Spaces seems more built into the system than just an application, and judging from what Josh2022 just said, I think it's very unlikely it'll work in Tiger.
  4. CAn't wait to see it, colonels!
  5. Stability of Leopard Preview

    It's just a preview beta though, not even a beta, right? I would definately not use this as the main OS, just something to mess around with.
  6. Success!

    Awesome! Drivers and such must be a hassel though. I prefer Apple hardware myself, though
  7. Hi everyone

    I'm new too
  8. The Ultimate Web Browser

    I like Shiira the most
  9. Leopard Screenshots

    leopard is going to be AWESOME! i wonder what features they are hiding from us. are there any huge features that weren't mentioned that are in teh developer one? (besides the one you linked to of course)